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1978: Coppergate Dig

Find out where it all started; the 5 year archaeological excavation that led to the discovery of the hidden history of York’s rich Viking heritage.

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1984: JORVIK Opens

This was the first time that visitors had the chance to come face to face with the Viking residents of York from over 1,000 years ago!

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2001: Time Machine Travels

A new experience was installed at the start of the new millennium that took our visitors, quite literally, back in time to explore Viking-Age York.

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2010: New Norse

JORVIK went back to its archaeological roots in this update, showcasing the Coppergate dig prominently in a new glass-floored gallery.

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2015: The JORVIK Flood

The severe flooding in York at Christmas 2015 caused major damage at JORVIK Viking Centre but also brought about the re-imagining.

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2017: Return of the Vikings

JORVIK Viking Centre has been completely re-imagined, with a new experiences and stories to be told.

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