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JORVIK Viking Centre reopened on 13th February 2010 following a £1million refurbishment to bring archaeology back to the forefront of the attraction.

New Features Included:

  • A brand new glass-floored gallery that incorporated an underfoot recreation of the original Coppergate excavation, enabling visitors to see exactly how the Viking Age remains were discovered
  • 1,000 year old timbers that once formed the wall of a Viking house
  • Displays of never before seen objects discovered during the Coppergate excavation that gave new and fascinating insights into Viking-Age life
  • Seven new state of the art animatronics who interact with visitors in Old Norse
  • A new Viking Age house and back yard, based on evidence of an amber worker’s house discovered during the Coppergate excavation

Vikings From The New World

Sigurd the antler worker, Unni the woodworker, two Viking builders, an arguing couple and a rat have arrived in the city after a 4,000-mile journey from Ohio, where the lifelike animatronics were created by US specialist, Life Formations.

All of the characters are based on archaeological evidence from the Coppergate dig, on which the JORVIK Viking Centre now stands, and talk directly to visitors in Old Norse (voiced by York University MA and PhD students).

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