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Q: Is JORVIK Viking Centre open?

JORVIK Viking Centre is open.

Pre-booking online, or by calling 01904 615505, is advisable.

Q: How do I book tickets?

A: You can either book tickets online or by calling 01904 615505.

Q: Do I need to wear a facemask?

A:  We strongly advise wearing face coverings in our attractions and gift shops, unless you are exempt.

Q: How long will my visit last?

A: We recommend at least 1 hour so that you have the opportunity to explore both our ride experience and our gallery spaces. However, depending on your level of interest and how deeply you want to delve into exploring the impact of the Vikings on York your visit can last as long as you wish.

Q: What is the best way to get to JORVIK?

A: You can visit JORVIK by numerous methods of transport including car, bus and train. Directions to JORVIK can be found on our Finding Us page.

Q: What age groups is JORVIK suitable for?

A: JORVIK is suitable for all ages but we recommend that to get the most out of your visit, children should be aged upwards of 5. We do not charge for under 5s.

Q: I previously visited and wish to return to JORVIK with my 12-month free return. Can I book a specific timeslot?

A: Yes you can – select a ‘Returner’ ticket from the list when you book online. Find out more about redeeming your free return here.

Q: I’ve already booked my tickets to visit JORVIK but I now wish to add extra tickets to my booking. How can I do this?

A: Booking additional tickets to an already completed order is possible by ringing our Reservations team on 01904 615505.

Q: My child is a Blue Peter badge holder. Is there a discount available?

A: Children who hold a Blue Peter badge receive free entry into JORVIK Viking Centre. You can book online by selecting the ‘Blue Peter badge’ option.

Q: I have a voucher/discount for JORVIK tickets. Can I book tickets in advance using my voucher/discount?

A: Yes – click here to find out how to redeem your discount when booking online. Please note that proof of eligibility will be required on arrival.

Q: A member of our group is a wheelchair user. Can we pay for tickets on arrival?

A: Visits to JORVIK including wheelchair users must be booked in advance. As most of the attraction is underground, wheelchair access to the JORVIK Viking Centre is restricted to one wheelchair user in the building at any one time. Please note, we are unable to offer online bookings for wheelchair and mobility scooter users at this time, and you need to call ahead to arrange this on 01904 615505.

Q: Can I purchase tickets as a gift?

A: Yes, this is possible by calling 01904 615505.

Q: Can I film or take photographs at JORVIK?

Visitors to JORVIK Viking Centre are welcome to take photographs and short videos for personal use during their visit, and indeed, we always love to see and share your posts on social media, so do tag us in.
We ask that no flash photography or additional lighting is used within the attraction, and all cameras must be hand-held. Anyone wishing to film/photograph with lighting and/or tripods should contact the marketing team to arrange an out-of-hours visit (for which a fee is payable). Written approval from the marketing department must be sought for any commercial filming within the attraction, for which seven days’ notice is usually required.
We also ask that visitors do not film/share extended videos of the ride – snippets of 30 seconds or less are fine. The ride is an experience where ambient sounds, sounds and smells combine to create a carefully designed immersive adventure, and many visitors enjoy experiencing this for the first time during their visit.
Whilst social distancing restrictions are in place, filming/photography should not delay your progress through the attraction (so standing still whilst a friend films a piece-to-camera would not be permitted), as this will have an impact on the visitors that follow.
Our staff reserve the right at any point to ask visitors to cease filming or photography.

Q: If I have additional questions, how can I get in touch with you?

A: You can email us at, or call 01904 615505.