The Pagan Lady of Peel, Isle of Man loan exhibition | JORVIK Viking Centre

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The Pagan Lady of Peel, Isle of Man loan exhibition
20th February 2019
1st September 2019
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JORVIK Viking Centre, YO1 9WT

The importance of the mystical Viking role of ‘seer’ is being retold at JORVIK Viking Centre with the arrival of artefacts discovered in the Isle of Man to coincide with this year’s theme for JORVIK Viking Festival – the untold story of women in the Viking age. These artefacts will be displayed at JORVIK Viking Centre until 1st September.

The artefacts include grave items from two important women of the Viking age, including the remains of a 10th century women uncovered in a stone lined grave at Peel Castle on the Isle of Man. Visitors to the centre will see a stunning necklace – which retains the glorious colours of glass, amber and jet – as well as a miniature mortar and pestle, and an ammonite fossil, which would possibly have been a talisman.

Loan courtesy of Manx National Heritage.