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Magnus Chase Comes to JORVIK
20th October 2017
5th November 2017
10:00am daily
No purchase necessary
JORVIK Viking Centre
Literary Event

To celebrate the publication of the third and final instalment in the Magnus Chase trilogy, Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead, visit JORVIK Viking Centre this half term for your chance to pick up exclusive ‘Magnus Chase’ merchandise!

On arrival the Vikings of JORVIK will be handing out exclusive ‘Magnus Chase’ fold-out postcard, jam-packed with activities and excerpts from the latest book as well as special wolf’s head pin badges.

Plus, all of the books in this exciting trilogy will be available to purchase in the JORVIK Gift Shop after you’ve discovered the sights, sounds and of course, smells of Viking-age York.

About Magnus Chase

From the creator of Percy Jackson, don’t miss this incredible trilogy of fantasy novels based on Norse mythology - thrilling adventures for readers aged 9+!

"My name is Magnus Chase. I'm orphaned and living rough on the streets of Boston. And things are about to get much worse.

My day started out normally enough. I was sleeping under a bridge when some guy kicked me awake and said, 'They're after you.' Next thing I know, I'm reunited with my obnoxious uncle, who casually informs me that my long-lost father is a Norse god.

Nothing normal about that. And it turns out the gods of Asgard are preparing for war. Apparently, if I can't find the sword my father lost two thousand years ago, there will be doom. Doomsday, to be precise.

A fire giant attacking the city?
Immortal warriors hacking each other to pieces?
Unkillable wolves with glowing eyes?
It's all coming up.

But first I'm going to die. This is the story of how my life goes downhill from there..."