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Covid-19 Safety

Please note that these safety procedures may change according to government guidance and as the situation progresses.

We strongly advise wearing face coverings in our attractions and gift shops, unless you are exempt.

Please keep socially distanced from other parties and use the hand sanitiser stations located around the buildings.

Pre-booking – to help us minimise face-to-face interactions at our admissions desk and to reduce queueing, pre-booking your visit is advised. Standby places may be available if a time slot has space.

Many thanks for your cooperation and consideration as we endeavour to keep JORVIK safe and enjoyable for all our visitors, staff and volunteers.

For more information on our safety procedures, read on.

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Before you visit
When you arrive – outside JORVIK
When you go inside

Before you visit

Pre-book your tickets online or by calling 01904 615505. Don’t forget to buy your guidebook and souvenir Viking coin in advance too – this option will pop up when you buy your tickets.
Please don’t bring any large bags to JORVIK (maximum size is 38cm x 30cm). This is for both security reasons and to help us socially distance groups within the attraction. We don’t have any bag storage facilities at JORVIK, but we recommend using Yorbag on High Petergate.

When you arrive – outside JORVIK

We ask that you arrive on time for your visit. The time you have booked is the time we will start admitting visitors for that slot. In busy times, it may take up to 20 minutes to admit everyone who has booked that slot. Due to our controls on visitor capacity, we are not able to admit visitors who are late, but we may be able to move your visit to another time if there are spaces available.

Whilst queuing, visitors will be asked to remain 1 metre from the next group at all times. Our friendly staff will be available to assist and answer questions.
Our queue runs down the outside of the JORVIK Viking Centre building, and along the passage between JORVIK and St Mary’s Church, allowing visitors to stay away from other pedestrians in the Coppergate Centre. Visitors in this queue will be gradually admitted to JORVIK at their timeslot.

When you go inside

There is a one-way flow for visitors inside JORVIK Viking Centre.


Hand-gel dispensers are available throughout JORVIK and all visitors should feel free to use them whenever they need to. The only surfaces you might need to touch in JORVIK are the handrails and a single touch on the touchscreen on our ride experience time capsules, and there is hand-gel available when you get on and when you get off the ride (see below for other safety policies for the ride experience).

In our toilets, we have installed touchless taps.

Staff in PPE (personal protective equipment)

It might be unusual to see a Viking in a face mask and gloves, but the safety of our staff and guests will be paramount. Staff members who will be closer to visitors will be wearing PPE.


JORVIK has a full air conditioning system which continuously feeds fresh air (not recycled air) into the attraction.

Hygiene policy

We have a full hygiene policy that will be strictly followed by all staff to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the attraction.

Our time capsules on the ride experience undergo a weekly ‘fogging’ procedure, which involves a water-based spray that sanitises all surfaces. The time capsules and the rest of the attraction is thoroughly cleaned daily.

Face coverings

We strongly advise wearing a face covering at all our attractions and gift shops.

Admissions area

If you have pre-booked your tickets, you will likely be able to immediately start your JORVIK experience.

If you need to interact with the staff member on the admissions desk, they will call you forward. There is a high plastic screen between you and the staff member, with a small gap at the bottom through which items can be passed. Please do ask the admissions staff member if you have any queries or concerns – they are there to help!

Downstairs to Discover Coppergate

You will be asked to queue down one flight of stairs, with 1 metre between you and the next group. A lift is also available.

The queue will progress down to the first area of JORVIK – Discover Coppergate. Here, a Viking staff member will ask you to stand around the edges of the room. The Viking will deliver a talk about the amazing archaeological investigation that uncovered the city of Jorvik.

You will then wait to embark on our ride experience.

The JORVIK ride experience

Each visitor group will be invited onto a time capsule. The handrails, touch screens and seats of these capsules are cleaned between every use by our team. Different visitor groups will be put on separate time capsules.

Staff members wearing PPE will need to move the handrail when you get on and get off the ride, but will remain as far as possible from you, and will be regularly hand-sanitising.

You may need to touch the handrail when you get on and off the ride, and you may choose to use the touch screen to choose the language option for the ride experience (one touch).

Hand-gel will be available when you get on and when you get off the ride.

The time capsules will take you around a reconstruction of Viking-age York. The capsules remain 2 metres from each other at all times.

Artefact galleries

When you disembark the ride experience, you will enter our artefact galleries. Footprint stickers on the floor will show where you can safely stand to remain socially distanced from other groups.

During your walk around the galleries, Viking staff will tell you about many fascinating aspects of Norse life and culture, drawing your attention to the remarkable finds you will see in the artefact cases. They will deliver these talks from a safe distance at all times.

Gift shop

After the artefact galleries, you will exit JORVIK via our gift shop. Visitor numbers in the shop will be restricted, for a safe browsing experience. Visitors will be asked to listen to guidance from staff members for when they can enter the shop, asked not to touch items unless they intend to buy, and encouraged to exit as soon as they have finished browsing.

Our staff will be ready to help

Throughout your JORVIK experience, you will meet several of our friendly staff. All our staff will be trained to uphold our safety procedures and will be happy to answer any questions or note any suggestions you have.

We ask all visitors to be considerate of each other and of our staff.

If you have any queries in advance of your visit, please do not hesitate to email us on



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