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Discover Viking-inspired gin this summer!



Celebrate Bloom! in York this summer with our Viking-inspired gin, JORVIK Botanicals, in partnership with York Gin.

Using flavours familiar to the Vikings, including Bilberries; a fruit grown in the moorland around the city with a sharp, bitter taste, which complements the slightly peppery flavour of nettles, another ubiquitous plant during the Viking period.

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You can purchase JORVIK Botanicals gift packs, which include both intriguing Norse-themed flavours, exclusively at the JORVIK Viking Centre Gift Shop £8.50 for 5cl, £35 for 50cl.

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Rediscover Viking-age flavours with a modern twist this summer!

Serving Suggestions

As well as sampling the drink neat, with the infusions included, you can also try a Viking-inspired cocktail, developed in partnership with Evil Eye, York, the Guiness world-record holder for stocking over 1,000 varieties of gin, which will be available throughout the month of July.

Alternatively you can try our Norse ForaGin cocktail yourself:

 1. Make a tea with 2 part nettles and 1 part bilberries

2. Leave to brew for 5 minutes

3. Strain it making sure all the bits are removed

4. Add 2 spoons of honey every 150 ml of tea

Measure into a shaker:

  • 50 ml of York Gin
  • 25 ml of mead
  • 50 ml of tea infused
  • 12.5 ml of gomme/sugar syrup
  • 12.5 ml lemon juice
  • Hand full of basil

Then, to serve:

  • Shake the drink energetically and fine strain into a tall glass.
  • Add ice cube and crushed ice on top.
  • Garnish with basil head and bilberries

Even our very own Viking Knutr was inspired to give this cocktail a go:

Please drink responsibly, for further information please visit