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On the 8th April 2017, the JORVIK Viking Centre reopened its doors after 15 months closed. Like many homes and businesses in York, the Centre was badly hit by the floods of December 2015, some of the worst in living memory.
Waterproof Memories is an oral history project of the JORVIK Community Engagement team that grew out of our experience. We wanted to record our own memories of flooding, and we also wanted the stories of our community, the people of York. By doing this, we want to reflect on our shared experience of the floods and the rebuilding process. We also want to celebrate the resilience of our community and our plans for the future!
We are interviewing local residents, business owners and employees, emergency responders, cleanup volunteers and everybody else who has a story to tell about how the floods affected them and how we responded as a community.We also would like your pictures of the city during the floods, so that we can have a visual as well as an audio record of the landscape of York at the time.
If you would like to be involved in the project, have a photo for our archive or would like to be interviewed by our staff and volunteers to tell your story, email waterproof@yorkat.co.uk.

For more information, please visit the York Archaeological Trust website.