Herefordshire Hoard

The Herefordshire Hoard has been loaned to York Archaeology by its owners, Herefordshire Council. It currently comprises 29 silver coins, one silver ingot, a beast’s head gold bracelet, a rock crystal pendant and a gold ring. It would have been buried around AD 878, and represents the first evidence of the Great Viking Army in Herefordshire.

The Hoard has an interesting history, with the collection now in the safe hands of the team at Hereford Museum Resource and Learning Centre believed to represent only around 10% of the original find. Discovered in June 2015 by metal detectorists in a field near Leominster, it is believed that most of the hoard has been sold on the black market. The perpetrators have since been sentenced to over 23 years in prison, but the items illicitly sold have not been recovered. The remaining items from the Hoard – which class as ‘treasure’ at therefore is owned by the Crown – returned to Herefordshire following a fundraising appeal.

You can see the Hoard for yourself at JORVIK Viking Centre, until Summer 2024

The event is finished.


01 Feb 2024 - 01 Jul 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Highlight event,
JORVIK Viking Centre


JORVIK Viking Centre
19 Coppergate, York, YO1 9WT