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JORVIK Workshops

Our 45-minute workshop sessions are specially designed to spark your pupils’ interest in the past by exploring a variety of fun and interesting themes. Choose from the options below when booking a workshop to complement your JORVIK visit.

Viking Battle Tactics

Put your pupils through their paces: it’s time to prepare for battle! Discover some of the causes of raiding and warfare in Viking times, see the weapons that were used and then have a go at re-enacting Viking strategies for the battlefield.

Viking Sagas

Promoting an interest in Viking myths and poetry, our skald (a Viking storyteller) will help you understand the importance of the stories of gods, giants and heroes in Viking society. Listen to stories and poetry heard by the Vikings over 1000 years ago, hep re-enact a myth about Thor and his Hammer and have fun with Viking riddles or ‘kennings’.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Medicine

Where did Anglo-Saxons go to get medical cures? Who would treat an injured Viking warrior? Learn how plants, animals, insects, and even magic were used to cure ailments of the past. Hear about some of the dramatic measures that were taken, and decide which cures you think would work best.

Our Viking workshops take place at DIG, just 5 minutes’ walk from JORVIK Viking Centre.

If you are interested in exploring a particular theme of Viking life further, you can now experience a wide range of interactive learning sessions from the comfort of your classroom on your return to school- take a look at our new virtual outreach offer to learn more.

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