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Loan Boxes

We have an exciting range of education loan boxes for you to borrow to bring a JORVIK Group learning experience into the classroom. Whether you want to look at the daily life of the Vikings or find out how archaeologists learn about Prehistoric times, our boxes of archaeological artefacts, replicas and teachers notes give you a range of resources to bring the past to life. The boxes have been designed for Key Stage 2 learners but can be used by any age group; they can be adapted to suit the needs of SEND groups and home learners too.

Each box comes with a complete set of teachers’ notes, giving background information or lesson ideas.*

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to our Loan
Box Service to ensure that our boxes are Covid-secure and that we can support you to use them in as safe a way as possible.

Some objects – such as items of clothing – may have been removed, substituted or sealed to minimise risk of infection. All boxes are quarantined on their return to us, and cleaned with specialist equipment in accordance with government guidelines.

Viking Loan Box

Bring the Viking Age to your classroom with one of our Loan Boxes! Our Viking Loan Boxes contain real and replica artefacts that can be used to compliment a visit to JORVIK and to aid a study on the Vikings at school.

Time Period Loan Boxes

Our Tudor, Roman and Prehistory loan boxes contain a range of replica and original artefacts which give an insight into the daily life and vivid cultures of the time period. From food production to clothing, personal possessions to pastimes, the loan box contents can be used to highlight the similarities and differences between the past and today.

Archaeology Loan Box

Our Archaeology loan box allows your pupils to explore the techniques used by an archaeologist when investigating finds, helping to illustrate chronology and providing plenty of opportunities for STEM learning within the context of historical enquiry.

Star Carr Loan Box

Designed with archaeologists from the Star Carr Archaeology Project, this box contains a variety of replica artefacts, including an example of the famous antler headdresses, to bring this exciting period to life!


The boxes cost £24 each for the first week, followed by £6 for each additional week up to a maximum of four weeks. Loan boxes have to be collected and returned to our DIG attraction on St. Saviourgate, York. Unfortunately, we cannot send the boxes via post or courier.

Please see our Booking Notes (PDF, 743KB) for more information. If you would like to book a loan box please phone our Reservations Team on 01904 615505.

*All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual loan box contents may vary.

Loan Boxes Live!

Our Loan Boxes Live! offer combines the hire of either a Viking or Tudor loan box with a special linked Virtual Outreach session.

While your Loan Box is with you in the classroom, connect live with a friendly Viking trader or Tudor servant via videoconferencing and explore the box’s artefacts with them, adding a tactile and highly sensory element to your experience.

Viking option: Your Viking guide will teach your class how to become successful Viking traders, selecting quality items to sell and learning how to make a good sale in the Viking marketplace, while also sharing tales of dramatic sea voyages.

Tudor option: One of our friendly Barley Hall servants will share their experiences of working in a busy merchant’s house and help you explore the essential household objects and materials used in the medieval and Tudor periods.

A two-week loan and single tie-in virtual session is available at the special combination price of £105 and you can choose to connect with your Viking or Tudor at the beginning, middle or end of your hire period, subject to availability. For more information about connecting with us via videoconferencing, please see our Virtual Outreach webpage.

Contact our friendly Reservations team at [email protected] or call on 01904 615505 to make a booking. Please note that we ask that you request your Loan Boxes Live! package 6 weeks’ in advance to ensure the best availability from our learning team.