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School visit to JORVIK Viking Festival

As part of the 35th JORVIK Viking Festival in 2019, Year 6 pupils from Clifton Green Primary Academy in York worked hard to become museum curators and put together their own Viking-themed micro-exhibition.

A hands-on exploration of the processes involved in uncovering objects from the Viking age gave everyone a chance to get stuck in and learn more about how the objects displayed in museums are found and recovered. A selection of replicas from the JORVIK collection, based on real evidence from Coppergate, then became the subject of close scrutiny as the pupils put their analytical skills to the test.

Year 6 then came to the visit JORVIK Viking Centre, where they experienced the sights, sounds and smells of the Viking street. The real tenth-century objects on display in the JORVIK galleries were the focus of another analytical exercise; moving from archaeology to museology, each class was given a different display case to examine. Working in pairs, the children questioned how and why different objects were displayed, and broke down the different ways information about the objects could be conveyed to an audience.

School talk at JORVIK

Back in the classroom, Year 6 then took part in a series of workshops, sifting through factfiles to write their own versions of finds labels and text panels to interpret their group’s chosen object.  Using JORVIK’s displays as inspiration, students also posed for drawings to further illustrate how each object would have been used. Finally, each group collaborated to display their object to its best advantage: using blocks and props to choose the perfect angle and arrangement of any separate pieces.

The finished exhibition was launched on Wednesday 20th February 2019, taking pride of place in our busy Viking Discovery Zone at DIG. Side by side with our Plants and Parasites investigation table and a host of live animals to meet, the exhibition was a big hit with our visitors, and was a great opportunity for children of all ages to learn more about the Viking period in York.

This photo gallery below showcases the children’s work – which is your favourite object?

Comb & Case

Padlock & Key

Panpipes, Flute & Die

Sock & Needle 

This is what the finished exhibition looked like at DIG:

Joseph Rowntree School also ran a competition for the 35th JORVIK Viking Festival. The students were asked to devise their dream Festival event. They presented their event plans to a judging panel from JORVIK. 

The only rules were: 1. The event would have to be on a theme broadly in keeping with the Festival, i.e. Viking history, Viking culture, Viking language etc; 2. The event would have to take place in York in 2020.

You can view the winning entry and the runner up below.