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To explore the themes of the 34th JORVIK Viking Festival in 2018, Year 3 children from Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy in Strensall became 9th century Viking storytellers and wrote a saga to celebrate three brave Viking warriors.

The classes enjoyed a week of activities to learn about the unfortunate death of great Viking king, Ragnar Lodbrok, and his sons’ quest to avenge their father. The children were lucky enough to meet his sons- Ivar, Halfdan and Ubbe- and learn their story through fun activities and games. These three brothers told the children how they took the news of their father’s death and showed them what they had packed for their voyage to England to avenge him.

Year 3 then wrote their own versions of the warriors’ journey across the seas, which they performed for the brothers in a special assembly. Each class also painted a battle banner for one of the brothers, thinking about what special possessions and beliefs each warrior had.

Ivar, Halfdan and Ubbe were all very impressed with the children’s work but there was some disagreement between them about which class was best- they each had a different favourite!

Mrs Keaney, one of the Year 3 teachers, said, “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into our Viking saga this week and the children really have produced some brilliant artwork and writing. We shared what we have been doing this week with the rest of the school in assembly this afternoon and the energy from the children said it all. They read their work and spoke about their experiences with passion and enthusiasm. A brilliant week has definitely been had by all!”

This photo gallery showcases the children’s work – which brother would have your support?

Viking reenactors at JORVIK school project
The three brothers, Ivar, Halfdan and Ubbe proudly stand in front of their battle banners.

JORVIK Vikings at school project
Year 3 are congratulated by their Viking visitors on their artwork.

Children enjoying JORVIK school visit
The three brothers re-enact the story of avenging their father.

Viking reenactors at JORVIK school visit
The three brothers put the Saxon king Ælla to the sword.

school children enjoying visit from JORVIK Vikings
Ubbe and his class pose scarily for the camera to celebrate their hard work during this year’s Festival project.

School children enjoying visit from JORVIK Viking
Ivar and his class strike a fearsome pose in front of their battle banner.

Halfdan and his class strike a warrior-like pose in front of their battle banner.

The three brothers pose with the three pupils whose diary entries were the most impressive – all the work that the Vikings received was excellent!