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Brynhild Bjornsdottir

Age: 26

I came to Jorvik  with my family because our last home wasn’t safe and we needed space for our family. There’s lots of people here who need things to trade. I’m a trader, I buy things from the people on this street to send abroad and sell them the things they want. My favourite thing to do is to go skating on the river when it freezes over in the winter.

Sigurd Eiriksson

Age: 27

I like it here in Jorvik. There’s lots of ships that come in bringing rich things. I’m a warrior and I came to Jorvik to fight in the guard. The smiths here make great weapons that I can use, and we’ve made enough money in trade here that I bought a good sword.

Valdemar Sigurdsson

Age: 10

We came here to Jorvik with our mum and dad. I like to practice fighting with my dad and my brother. One day we’ll be strong warriors like my dad and get lots of money protecting the city.

Eirik Sigurdsson

Age: 9

I live on Hungate with my Mum, my Dad and my brothers. I practice fighting a lot with Valdemar. We moved to Jorvik because it was a safe place and it’s a lot of fun for me, Valdemar and Bjorn.

Bjorn Sigurdsson

Age: 5

My uncle Arne says he’ll teach me to be a hunter like him. There’s really good hunting in the forests around Jorvik. He took me out into the forests last summer and I saw some deer.