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Odin Baldersson

Age: 25

I came to Jorvik because it’s a safe city with a powerful ruler, high walls and lots of people. I was a warrior back in Denmark and made enough money to buy a small house here in Jorvik for my family, with some land for cattle, a few pigs and a couple of horses. There’s good hunting in the forests nearby. I’m hoping to get a boar when spring comes.

Freya Arnesdottir

Age: 25

Jorvik’s a really nice place to raise my family because it’s so safe. When the weather is good enough I go into the forests and hunt with my husband. I’m a pretty good shot with a bow, and we usually come back with some meat for the pot.

Arne Odinsson

Age: 10

Jorvik is a really big and powerful city with all kinds of people living here. I help my mum by looking after our cattle when my parents are out hunting and by helping cook what she brings home. Next year I might start going out hunting with them, or I might try and get one of the neighbours to teach me a craft.

Kata Odinsdottir

Age: 9

I like it here in Jorvik because the food’s so good. There’s really good farmland nearby and forests with lots to hunt. My job in our family is to look after the pigs with my brother. I like the pigs, but our horses are my favourite animals.

Drifa Odinsdottir

Age: 7

Jorvik is big and powerful and protected by the gods, that’s why there’s so many people here and they’re all so nice. I love living here with my family and my cousin, we all like it here and we’re all going to have good jobs here. My dad’s friend has been teaching me how to make things from bone. We started with toys and now he’s showing me how to make whistles.

Bali Haraldsson

Age: 10

I’m staying here in Jorvik while my father is trading in the East. It’s a big city and cousin Odin says it is very powerful and safe. They’re still building this street and I’ve been helping some of the builders. They’re showing me how to weave willow sticks into wattle walls.