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Adisla Baldersdottir

Age: 36

I moved in with my sister to help take care of her children and help her and her husband with their trade.  Our uncle was a blacksmith and he taught us both how to work with metal. Jorvik’s a really peaceful city, and I spend a lot of my days playing with Drifa’s children.

Drifa Baldersdottir

Age: 32

We came here because we could buy a house with a good amount of land to grow food on and make a good living for our family. We’ve got a yard out back that we have planted out with vegetables, and sometimes I go out with my husband hunting in the forests around Jorvik. I work with Hakon and my sister in the forge- I’m best at making shields.

Hakon Bjornsson

Age : 32

We came to Jorvik because there was no land for us in Norway. Here we have enough land for a house big enough for my family, a forge and land to grow vegetables on.  There’s all sorts of people have come here from all over the world. Some of them can read and write! I work as a blacksmith, and at night I play board games with my children.

Sigurd Hakonsson

Age: 18

We’re never short of food here in Jorvik like we were back home. The river is full of fish and there is good hunting in the forest. I used to help my Mum and Dad in the forge growing up and it made me big and strong for what I do now – I’m a warrior!

Arne Hakonsson

Age: 13

I really like spending time in the city with my family but I’ll soon be leavin. My big brother Sigurd’s been teaching me to fight and he’s taking me with him next time he goes abroad!

Freyja Hakonsdottir

Age: 10

Jorvik’s a nice place. It’s warm most of the time but we’ve just had a really cold winter. I had lots of snowball fights with Iorund. When it’s spring I’m going to start learning how to sail on the river. One day I’m going to sail all across the world!

Iorund Hakonsson

Age: 9

It’s really peaceful in Jorvik. When I get bigger my mum and dad are going to teach me how to be a blacksmith like them. It’s been a fun winter, last month the river froze and we all went skating.

Eilif Hakonsdottir

Age: 9

We moved to Jorvik because there was no space in Norway. It’s much more fun here. My Mum has been showing me how she makes shields and my Dad has been teaching me how to play Hnefatafl. I’m really good – I always beat Ivar next door!