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Eldi Magnusson

Age: 64

I’ve come to live with my daughter’s family here in Jorvik now that I’ve got too old to sail. I feel safe here in Jorvik, the walls are built from good stone and as high as any city I’ve been to. I sailed all over the world trading, but I can buy almost anything I need just by walking down to the markets and crafters’ houses here in Jorvik.

Oski Sigurdsdottir

Age: 45

I spend most of my days now working the loom with my daughter and granddaughters. The wool the farmers from the hills nearby bring into the city is great. I can make a very fine cloth from and once it’s been dyed you have brilliant clothes. I’m making a cloak at the moment, when it’s finished it’ll be fit for a king! Jorvik’s a rich and busy city with lots of brilliant crafters and traders passing through.

Freyja Eldisdottir

Age: 29

I’m a dyer by trade and I’m glad I moved to Jorvik. The plants that grow in the meadows and forests around the city give me some beautiful colours. The countryside around is beautiful and the city is rich with lots of people with different jobs and money to spend. With my mother’s help we’re making enough cloth that I’ve been able to sell some and make quite a bit of money.

Farthegn Bjornsson

Age: 25

I spend my summers sailing along the coast, taking things from town to town to trade. I learnt to sail on Freyja’s father’s ship but now I have a small boat of my own. Wherever I go I never see any city as busy as Jorvik. The city’s got so many people and it’s so full of life. When the weather is too bad to sail I spend my time playing board games like Hnefetafl, hunting and ice skating when the river’s frozen.

Magnus Farthegnsson

Age: 12

We moved here after Bloodaxe died because we heard it was becoming a rich city. I like it here in Jorvik because there’s lots of people and we all help each other. Sometimes I go trading with my dad if he needs help sailing, but when I’m at home I cook for the family. I make a delicious stew!

Inga Farthegnsdottir

Age: 10

Jorvik’s a really nice and safe city since Eric Bloodaxe died. I help my mum by cooking and by making beer for the family to drink. My mother picks me herbs to make the beer taste really nice when she goes out collecting plants to use to dye her cloth.

Gjalfi Farthegnsdottir

Age: 4

I help my brother and sister make bread. It’s so pretty around Jorvik it’s amazing. My granddad Eldi made me wooden horses and warriors to play with.