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Brandar Eldisson   

Age: 32

I used to make my living fighting back in Denmark but I came over to Jorvik to get some land and have a farm like my father. We have some good land to farm, I’m growing vegetables and we’ve bought some sheep, chicken and even a few cattle. I enjoy playing Hnefetafl with my children. The eldest can beat their father now!

Freyja Haraldsdottir

Age: 31

I help my husband with our animals, and I sell the wool, eggs and hides from the cattle to our neighbours. We have a good life here, our farm is doing well and our neighbours are friendly.

Eilif Brandarsdottir

Age: 16

I love living in Jorvik, it’s the best place to be. There’s so many nice people here and we always have a lot of food. We keep pigs and cattle for meat, we have fish and oysters fresh from the river and lots of vegetables that we grow.

Svana Brandarsdottir

Age : 12

The food in Jorvik is great. The people here are friendly and really nice. Me and my sister help Mum when she sells the things we grow on our farm. There’s lots of flowers we see on our walks that I make into headbands for me and my sister.

Harald Brandarsson

Age: 11

My father taught me to fight back when we lived across the sea. We came to Jorvik when we had no food in a bad winter, but it’s warmer here and we can grow whatever we need.   Jorvik is much better than where we lived, there are lots of traders selling everything you’d need. I’m going to be a warrior like my Dad was and fight to make money.

Eldi Brandarsson

Age: 10

I love being in Jorvik with my family, but I don’t spend much time at home any more. I spend most of my time with my cousins up on the moors where they mine iron. They find the best ore and I help my uncle keep the furnace hot enough to make it into good iron.

Astrid Brandarsdottir

Age:  9

My Mum and Dad moved to Jorvik because it’s really calm and peaceful here. I love it here because we have animals now, and I help my Dad take care of the pigs and chickens.  Last month we had a lot of fun when the river froze and my dad made us ice skates. I went skating on the river with my brothers and sisters. I hope the river freezes again this year!

Kata Brandarsdottir

Age: 9

We moved to Jorvik because it was much safer than where we lived before. It’s really nice and peaceful here and there are lots of families on our street. It’s really fun! Drifa and Arne’s father down the street is a hunter and he’s started teaching us how to shoot a bow. I’m really good at it!