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Bjorn Gjalfisson

Age : 39

We moved to Jorvik because I heard it was a nice and peaceful place to raise a family. I was a warrior in Norway but now I make my money guarding the traders who sail from York. My family is very happy here in Jorvik.

Freyja Alarsdottir

Age : 30

I’m a potter by trade, I moved to Jorvik because it’s a rich city with lots of people to buy my pots. It’s a rich place and I make a lot of money for my family. There’s lots of crafters and traders here – you can buy anything in Jorvik!

Valdemar Bjornsson

Age: 11

My dad has been teaching me how to fight since I was my little brother Alar’s age. There’s so many people here in Jorvik and there’s craftsmen who make really good weapons to buy. There’s a blacksmith the next street over who has sharp knives and axes, and even swords. I’m going to be a warrior and protect people, just like my father.

Gjalfi Bjornsson

Age: 10

Jorvik’s huge! It’s a big city to protect, even with the high walls around us. I want to be in the city guard when I grow up and keep people safe. It’s much warmer here than it was in Norway, and it was a really long trip. I even saw a dragon on the way over, though my dad said it was just a longboat in the distance.

Brynhild Bjornsdottir

Age: 9

My Mum and Dad have got a friend to teach me how to work leather. I’m learning how to stitch shoes back together using waxy thread through the holes that Sweyn makes with his awl.

Alar Bjornsson

Age: 7

Jorvik’s so rich, Mum says people have so much money here that I can make a living just by buying and selling the things the craftsmen here make. She’s started to take me to the market with her when she sells her pots. It’s really loud and fun!

Kata Bjornsdottir

Age: 4

I like it here in Jorvik because there’s so many people and they have a lot of money to buy things. I’ve started going with my big sister Brynhild to Sweyn the leatherworker’s house. One day we’ll be leatherworkers like him and make lots of things that people want to buy.