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Arne Eiriksson

Age: 43

I’ve been a trader all my life and I’ve travelled the world, but Jorvik is one of the nicest cities I’ve lived. I’m staying here for a while to spend some time with my son’s family, and because there are good places to trade here in Jorvik and nearby. Balder has found a good quality house here for his family. I like spending time with the children, teaching them to skate and playing board games.

Balder Arnesson

Age: 27

I’m a trader just like my father and grandfather. I came to Jorvik because I heard it was a wealthy place and we were only going to stay for two years, but I might settle here with my wife and my children. The people here are nice and the forest has a lot of deer. Very good hunting!

Kata Eldisdottir

Age: 25

We came to Jorvik because we could make a lot of money here. It’s a rich and peaceful place to trade. Balder’s father and cousins bring over things from back home in Norway and we send them back with the things people here in Jorvik make. It’s a lovely place for my family.

Eldi Baldersson

Age: 11

My family travels around a lot but we’re staying here in Jorvik for a while because it’s so rich and everyone here is nice. I want to go to sea trading soon, and granddad Arne has said he’ll take me with him next time he goes abroad.

Drifa Baldersdottir

Age: 8

It’s good here in Jorvik. There’s lots of people who’ve come here to live from across the sea like we did. I’ve made lots of friends here.

Faraldr Baldersson

Age: 8

Mum and Dad came here to trade. That means we sell people things that they want and buy the nice things they make. The people here are really nice, even the big warriors in the city guard. A couple of them have said they’ll teach me how to fight so I can be a warrior like them.

Freya Baldersdottir

Age: 7

Jorvik’s a nice place and lots of people here have lots of money but I want to travel and see lots of different places. I want to see some of the places granddad tells us about in his stories. He’s been teaching us how to ice skate this winter and I’ve got really good! I like skating nearly as much as I like riding in summer.