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Jorvik – 98% of Craftsmen Recommend It!

The city of Jorvik is rebuilding now that Erik Bloodaxe has left, and neighbourhoods like Hungate and Coppergate claim they’re some of the best places to live in the world! From Ireland to Russia, tradesmen and crafters are coming to Jorvik to live and work.

We asked some of them why YOU should come to Jorvik:

– “There’s lots of nice people to meet!”

– “It’s calm here and I feel protected.”

– “There’s lots of farms and blacksmiths, I have everything I need.”

– “It’s amazing!”

– “You can sell stuff and get paid. The people here have a lot of money!”

Do you have a skill we need? Please come and work on our street- you’d be really helpful!

Jobs on Hungate
(apply directly to: Jarl Thorfinn Thordarsson, Konungata, JORVIK)

Leather Workers Needed

We need some more leather workers round here. We need someone who can make belts, bags and shoes. The tanners in town make great leather that you can use, and we have a blacksmith who can make your knives. Please can you come and get a job with us? Thank you for reading!

Wool Worker Wanted

Do you know how to clean, comb and spin wool and have your own spindle and comb? We know lots of sheep farmers and can get you the best wool. We will buy your wool, clothes, string and braid. Hungate: It’s a nice place to live!

Blacksmith Needed

We need a blacksmith in Hungate. You must know good miners and traders to get ore so we can have the best iron and steel. There are butchers on our street who need your knives.

Hungate is poor right now, but it is calm and we have lovely houses!

We Need Mittens!

It’s cold here and we want wool so we can make warm clothes, hats and mittens!


Jorvik has everything you’ll need. There are farmers nearby so you can get fleeces, and our street has people who make combs and needles. Jorvik is a nice place with helpful people.

We Need the Right People for This Job!

Do you know how to make belts and shoes? Come to Hungate! Lots of farmers pass through selling hides, and we have a blacksmith who can make you the sharp knives you need. We just need a skilled leatherworker. The people of Hungate need your stuff!

Wood Worker Wanted: Must Have Own Pole Lathe

Come to Hungate in Jorvik – near to the forest and home to axemen and woodcutters, there’s loads of opportunities for a woodworker. We need wood for a lot of things, but we especially need cups and bowls. Come to Hungate and help us!

Can You Make Armour?

Our warriors living on the street need more metal – so we need a blacksmith! We have the rock and ore you’ll need, and our last blacksmith left his hammer and tools. We need the right, most skilled blacksmith for our street. You must be really good with metal and be able to make really fancy things like padlocks, badges and chainmail.

Jobs on Coppergate
(apply directly to: Jarl Thorfinn Thordarsson, Konungata, JORVIK)

Spinner Wanted

We need a talented spinner who can make us the gloves, bags and mittens we need. There are many craftsmen nearby and farmers passing through who can provide you with fleece. If you’re good with a spindle and know where to get dye plants, you have what we need!

Coppergate is a great street full of wonderful things and amazing people.

Got an axe? Come work with us!

Are you looking for a brand new job as a woodworker? Since our first woodturner left, our street needs someone able to make cups, bowls and pipes. There’s lots of wood just outside the city, and we have lots of talented, kind and friendly people here.

We Need You. Yes – You!

A leatherworker is needed on Coppergate. You will get loads of money if you have what we need. You must be able to make belts, purses and armour. We have a blacksmith on our street that can make you knives, and there are tanners nearby where you can get leather.

Our street is peaceful and very, very friendly.



Are You a Blacksmith?

Do you have connections with miners to get good iron for the sharpest knives and strongest armour? Come to Coppergate, where you’ll find nice neighbours with beautiful houses and useful jobs. There are lots of jobs in the area- our street is going to be the richest in Jorvik.

All we need is someone who can make the tools we need.

Leather Worker Needed

You must know tanners and other craftsmen. Our community is in need of someone skilled with leather. Coppergate is close to countryside with lots of farmers and cows around, so if you know how to make shoes, flasks, belts and bracers you will be rich!

We Want Bowls!

A lovely street within easy reach of lots of wood is in need of a good woodworker. You must know how to make bowls and plates, and how to turn your waste into spinning tops for our children. We live on a good street with all the professions a person will need for life.

Wanted: Axes!

I smelt metal and I make the best iron and steel in Jorvik. If you’re good with a hammer and anvil, come live by me on Coppergate. We have woodworkers in need of your tools, and families who need your knives, padlocks and brooches. There’s work to be done and money to be made – Come to Coppergate!