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As part of the 33rd JORVIK Viking Festival in 2017, Year 3 and 4 children from Lord Deramore’s Primary School in Heslington imagined themselves in the place of 10th century settlers coming to rebuild the city of Jorvik after the death of Eric Bloodaxe.

The class wrote personal profiles for their Norse characters and created pages for their families. They found out about the evidence we have for life on the Viking streets of Coppergate and Hungate, thinking about the kinds of people they would need to attract to live in the city. The pupils then wrote job adverts to bring in the crafters they wanted.

The children also learned about the different kinds of Viking buildings we have archaeological evidence for in York. They created images of their new houses and wrote descriptions of the properties on offer on the newly rebuilt streets of Coppergate and Hungate.

These pages showcase their work – step back in time and experience the return of the Vikings! Would you like to live in 10th century Jorvik?

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