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Attractions Booking Step-by-Step Guide

1 – Read through our webpages to select the options you want and also look at our handy downloadable teachers’ guide (PDF, 342KB) for full information about visiting JORVIK Viking Centre.

Joint tickets can make your visit and workshops considerably cheaper so our Reservations team would be happy to create a quote for your visit.

2 – Contact our Reservations team by filling the School enquiry form.

Make sure you give us your preferred dates and times of your visit ready to check for availability, and let us know how many children you are booking for. If you are making an enquiry about a session, please let us know the age of your pupils and any special education needs they might have so we can tailor your package to your requirements.

Please note: We recommend that all teachers/administrators making a booking enquiry provide at least six weeks’ notice in advance of your preferred date. Although we always do our best to accommodate your group’s requirements, you may find booking enquiries that fall under this six-week threshold do not have appropriate visit time slots available for your required dates.

3 – Remember to book any extras to make your visit run smoothly.

Let our Reservations team know if you want to reserve a lunch space or pre-order Souvenir Packs (PDF, 1.06MB).

4 – Our Reservations team will offer you a schedule incorporating all the elements you need for a successful day.

Once our Reservations team offers you a schedule you wish to accept, we are grateful if you can confirm your acceptance in writing within three working days to guarantee that the offered schedule is available. You will then be provided with a confirmation form and the time slots for your itinerary will be booked on our system – please have full contact details for your school/organisation available at this point.

No payment will be taken at this time unless you wish to pay in advance.

5 – Check through your confirmation paperwork to ensure the details are correct and provide us with any additional information about your group.

Return the paperwork via email to or post it to us: Reservations Department, JORVIK Viking Centre, 19 Coppergate Walk, York, YO1 9WT

6 –If you have booked a trip to visit us, ask our Reservations team to organise a teacher familiarisation visit to allow you and your colleagues to tour the attractions free of charge.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about your trip and you can familiarise yourself with the locations of our workshops and facilities.

7 –If you have also booked a virtual outreach, our Reservations Team will organise a chance for you to discuss your requirements with a member of the Learning Team.

For virtual outreach, this will be a free test connection using one of the video conferencing platforms we offer (Google Meet, Skype or Zoom), allowing you and the Learning Team to troubleshoot any technical issues before the booked session.

8 – If you have booked a Loan Box, our Reservations Team will make arrangements for you to visit us and collect it.

Why not hire a loan box (743KB) you can pick up on the day of your visit and use it to support your learning back in school?

9 – Count down to the big day and enjoy your session! We hope that you will find organising your visit well in advance will give you peace of mind and allow your class to have a great educational experience with The JORVIK Group.