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School Visits for JORVIK Viking Centre

Built on the very site where archaeologists discovered over 40,000 Viking-age objects, a visit to the JORVIK Viking Centre gives students the opportunity to learn about the real Viking settlement of Jorvik.

A school visit to JORVIK is hosted by our friendly Viking guides, who will deliver interactive talks and activities on a variety of Viking topics. Your group will have the chance to explore the Viking street of Coppergate, see how it was discovered and investigate the evidence left behind. Travel back in time in our new ride experience to come face-to-face with the Viking residents of Coppergate and encounter everyday life in the year 960.

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Note to Teachers

Due to an increase in demand we recommend that teachers book visits at least six weeks in advance to guarantee the perfect experience for your school. Find out more about visiting JORVIK Viking Centre with our handy downloadable teachers’ guide. When you are ready to book your visit, click here