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What makes a hero? Power, bravery, determination?

In this compelling exhibition, discover some of the real-life hero ‘celebrities’ of the Viking world, including Eric Bloodaxe – last Viking King of York, Harald Hardrada – the thunderbolt of the North, and Lathgertha – a semi-legendary warrior woman. Historical and archaeological evidence helps explore the idea of heroism in the Viking Age, as well as looking at how these people were celebrated and commemorated in their time and ours.

Visitors can see Viking-age human remains showing battle injuries, including one skull that is accompanied by a facial reconstruction. Step inside our impressive replica Oseberg tent to be immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of a Viking encampment, or delve into the world of Norse myths with our themed family friendly content.

“When we hosted an exhibition from the JORVIK Group, the tour was meticulously organised and the staff were wonderful to have around during the install and deinstall. They were efficient, thorough, friendly and polite. They communicated with our staff throughout and were happy to accommodate the Gallery’s requirements. A pleasure to work with.”

Carol Thompson, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Oseberg Tent

Our replica Oseberg tent makes an impressive centrepiece for the exhibition. (Shown here on display at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2018)

Take a seat...

Inside the tent’s atmospheric interior, visitors can listen to words composed in praise of some of the Viking Heroes.

Inside our Viking tent

Immerse yourself in the Viking Age inside our tent, complete with campfire smell!

Oseberg Tent

We know every venue is unique and we adapt our content to suit each new space. Here’s our tent on display at the Beacon Museum, Whitehaven, in 2019.

Meet the Heroes

Our display panels introduce you to the real-life ‘celebrities’ of the Viking world. (Shown here at the Beacon Museum, Whitehaven, 2019)

Battle Injuries

Get up close to some Viking Age human remains - these finds show evidence of battle injuries.

Skull with battle wounds

With the help of a forensic artist, we were able to reconstruct the contours of this individual’s face. The facial reconstruction is shown alongside the skull, as well as an explanation of how it was done.