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Are display cases provided?

Although York Archaeological Trust (YAT) can provide a small number of object cases they are difficult to move, and providing them would likely result in increased transport costs. As such we prefer to use cases provided by the client. For our most recent exhibitions the clients have provided secure, climate controlled, finds cases for the display of objects, but YAT has provided skeleton cases since these are less likely to be available.

Are any facilities provided with a touring exhibition?

The client is required to provide any facilities for the exhibition (e.g. lighting, temperature control) at their cost. This includes the provision of materials required for the regulation of the environment within any cases provided by the Client i.e. silica gel.

What Marketing and PR aspects are provided?

The use of an exhibition logo plus other stock images will be made available as part of the standard fee and may be used both pre-launch and throughout the duration of the exhibition.  Links from the JORVIK web site will also be provided.

Are any supplemental services provided?

Supplementary services such as staff training, costumed interactives, supply of hands on materials, workshop development, marketing, and events may be made available alongside our exhibitions at an additional charge.

How is the exhibition installed and removed?

YAT will be responsible for the installation and removal of the exhibition, subject to obtaining satisfactory access to the Site.

The client is responsible for travel and transport costs to and from the venue, including the cost of insurance for items whilst in transit, which will be arranged by YAT and recharged.

Travel and transport costs will be deemed as the cost of transporting the exhibition items, as well as the travel costs incurred by the Exhibition Build Team (3 staff) and Curatorial Support (1 member of staff). Such costs will include train, taxi, ferry, and air fares, courier or delivery charges, vehicle hire, fuel, and associated costs such as tolls and parking.

YAT shall cover the accommodation and subsistence costs incurred as part of the install in line with the following:

Install –

Exhibition Build Team – 3 staff for 4 days (3 nights’ accommodation plus meals) to include travelling time to and from the venue and with access to the site 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Curatorial Support – 1 member of staff for 2 days (1 nights’ accommodation plus meals) to include travelling time to and from the venue with access to the site 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Demount –

As above.

Any costs incurred which are additional to this and which are required in order to provide the exhibition as agreed in the final specification of services may be recharged.

Additional visits to the site in order to repair or maintain elements of the exhibition may be recharged at cost dependent upon the nature of the visit.

Any additional costs incurred due to difficulties in accessing the Site will be charged to the client as part of the transport costs.

Does the exhibition need to be paid for in advance?

The exhibition does not need to be paid for all in advance. The following payment schedule will apply;

20% of the agreed fee is paid for at the date of signing the agreement

60% of the agreed fee is to be paid no less than 4 weeks prior to the exhibition install

20% of the agreed fee is to be paid by the end date of the agreed duration of the exhibition

Recharged transport and relocation costs are to be paid no later than 1 month after the agreed duration of the exhibition

Can the exhibition brand be used on our literature?

Any use of our brand in any format on literature or other media must be approved by YAT.

YAT retains ownership of the copyright of and intellectual rights to any information provided as part of this contract. The client will not reproduce or sell any such information in any format.

Can additions be made to the exhibition?

So as to ensure a consistent look and feel to our exhibitions we request that the client agrees not to add any elements, either as content or furnishings, to the exhibition without the agreement of YAT.

If you have any questions which have not been answered here please contact;

James Carter – Head of Special Projects – / 01904 543407